Where to eat Halal food in Chiang Mai? A question Sri often gets asked by fellow Indonesian travellers who are planning a trip to Chiang Mai. So, we decided to figure it out and submersed to the city’s Arabic food scene. Although we know a few food vendors selling Halal food on the markets we knew that there must be more…

Thailand has a Muslim population of about 4 million while most are living in the southern parts and Bangkok and are ethnically of Malay origin. Chiang Mai has a small Muslim population which consists mainly of Chinese Muslims as well a small number Burmese Muslims. The city is home to roughly a dozen mosques of all sizes spread throughout the city. The Muslim quarter of Chiang Mai (“Halal Street Hilal Town” > map) can be found around Masjid Hidayatul Islam Banhaw mosque near the Night Bazaar; it’s basically a stretch of 200m length with several Halal restaurants and shops.

Here are the restaurants and food vendors we came across so far (we will continue to update this page whenever we discover a new place serving Halal food):

1. Sofia Muslim Shop


Location: Hilal Town, Kalare Night Bazaar


2. Khao Soy Fueng Fah


Location: Hilal Town, Kalare Night Bazaar


3. Fatimah Burger House


Location: Hilal Town, Kalare Night Bazaar


4. Natjva Chiang Mai Souvenir & Halal Food


Location: Hilal Town, Kalare Night Bazaar


6. Babylonian Iraqi Restaurant


Location: Kalare, Night Bazaar & MAYA Shopping Mall


7. Various Chicken Biryani Vendors


Locations: Chiang Mai Gate (only at night), in front of 7-Eleven; several along Saturday –and Sunday Night Market.


8. Various Kebab Vendors


Locations: Chiang Mai Gate (opens only in the afternoon); several along Saturday –and Sunday Night Market.


9. Takawa Halal Cuisine


Location: Chiang Mai Land 10, Chang Khlan


10. Chiangmoi House & Yaring Cuisine


Location: 37 Chang-Moi Road , 50300 Chiang Mai (near Thapae Gate)

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