With all the different markets in Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market –also known as Saturday Night Walking Street- is a definitely a must-visit for visitors to Chiang Mai. The market opens every Saturday afternoon around 16:30 and lasts until midnight. The Saturday Night Market is located along the length of Wualai Road, which is the former silver quarter of Chiang Mai, starting just south of Chiang Mai Gate.

Approx. 2 kilometres in length, Chiang Mai Saturday Day Night Market spreads also along the sois (alleys) leading from Wualai Road. Most items offered here have a creative and artistic touch to it; wood, alloy and zinc are the most common used materials for these handicrafts.

The following is a selection of things to do at Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market:

  • Shopping, especially Sa-paper umbrellas, hand-painted fans and pictures, table cloth and much more
  • Indulging into Thai street food such as Pad Thai (stir-fried vermicelli noodles), Sai Oua (northern Thai sausage) or for the adventurous among you, fried insects like grasshoppers or crickets
  • Visiting Wat Sri Suphan, also known as the Silver Temple and its complex
  • Attending a monk chat and meditation introductory course at Wat Sri Suphan
  • Thai massage or reflexology in the middle of the market
  • Or just immersing into the bustling atmosphere, watching vendors haggling with customers and inhaling mouthwatering food aromas

Most items are relatively inexpensive and make up nice gifts when returning back home. Food is on average 45 THB for a meal such as Pad Thai, but also many snacks are offered at lower prices. There are also plenty of vendors selling various types of beverages like freshly made juices (30-40 THB) or the popular Bubble Tea (green tea with a shot of fresh milk and grass jelly).

The Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market happens every Saturday regardless of weather. Beware that the national anthem will be played at sharp 18:00 through speakers set up along the road, speaking you’re required to stand still for as long as it’s played; that counts for everyone, visitors and vendors alike.

Tipp: If you’re into fresh hot (and thick) waffles, try them from a husband/wife duo; coming from Chiang Mai Gate, their booth is located about 20 metres into Wualai Road on the right hand side.

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