While we were in Europe, Sri wanted to experience snow – but where the hell can we find snow by the end of June?? Luckily, there was a quick answer to that: Switzerland! Growing up just a bit south of the equator, it’s no wonder that Sri never saw snow before, even the peaks of the volcanoes, which top at least 3000m, are just blank.

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Since my aunt moved to Switzerland about a decade back, it was a welcoming option to visit our family there while combining it with a trip to the mountains. As we stayed between Lucerne and Zurich, we looked for an option in convenient distance to us and thus, stumbled upon Mount Titlis. The mountain is roughly 40km south of Lucerne, Central Switzerland and reached within 45-60 min driving (in the morning).


Upon arriving (at the bottom) we were happy to find a huge parking place right in front of the entrance to the cable car. As we were not quite sure about the temperature at the top, we decided to wear long pants and light sweatshirts which later turned out being a good choice.

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With an entry fee of CHF 89 (about US$ 92) per person it was definitely the day’s surprise – not having any comparison though but it was a bit of a shock at first. On the other hand, as the visit to Mount Titlis was a gift for Sri, I didn’t really thought about it twice.

In order to reach the summit, you can of course hike all the way up, but more comfortable and faster are the various cable cars around.

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So, we made our way towards the cable car and started enjoying the serene beauty of colourful flowers, emerald green lakes and mountain peaks covered in snow. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the top, with a few stops between to change the cable car. The last cable car which took us to the summit is a revolving cable car, speaking we had an awesome 360-degree panoramic view while driving up.

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Just as we reached the top, I was welcomed by a moment of dizziness due to the altitude (maybe also because I wore too warm clothes while in the cable cars – lesson learned), but Sri made it surprisingly without issues (too excited).

Of course, the following hours looked pretty much like that: snowball fights, building snowmen, creating snow-angels and …..eating snow! We also tried the snow tubes and sleds (Sri could have spent the whole night here), the Glacier Cave (I tried the tongue-on-the-ice thing – didn’t work) which is a 150m long corridor, 20m below the surface of the glacier and the Ice Flyer, a semi-open cable car which offers stunning views over the impressive surrounding mountains and valleys.

Swiss 8Further activities you can do at Mount Titlis during the summer months: hiking the various trails (there are different difficulty levels), climbing and mountain biking, rowing a boat on the lake or walking along Europe’s highest suspension bridge.

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Some tips:

1. Certainly, Switzerland is one of the world’s most expensive places when it comes to food (actually almost everything), therefore make sure to pack some fruits, energy bars, maybe sandwiches and water before you go, will save you really lots of money you can spend elsewhere.

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Mountain Burger – 15 $ per piece

2. Don’t wear too warm clothes, it’s enough to just wear long pants, a shirt and sweatshirt, ideally hiking boots, but I managed it with sneakers, my feet didn’t get wet.

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3. Remove your jacket when driving cable cars, you might be welcomed with dizziness at the top.

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Mount Titlis facts:

Elevation: 3238m (10.623ft.)

Former Name: Tuttels Berg (Mount Tuttels), according to a document from 1435

First climb: probably 1739

Opening year of the cable car: 1967

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