Are you into photography? Do you love Asian art, especially sculptures and statues? Then it’s about time to plan your trip to the Terracotta Art Garden in Lamphun! Whether you’re a professional or budding photographer, the seemingly endless possibilities for great shots are around every corner.

The Terracotta Art Garden Lamphun (official name: Baan Phor Liang Meun) is basically the headquarter of fine Asian terracotta arts in northern Thailand, spread over 60 acres. One famous branch is situated in Chiang Mai, the beloved ‘Clay Studio Coffee in the Garden’, more commonly known as ‘Terracotta Art Garden & Café’, right behind Chiang Mai Gate.

The showcased clay art reflects primarily Thai, Lanna, Khmer, Haripunchai and Chinese sculptures, either as standalone or as part of a group scene. You can spot many artisans at work and watch the process needed to transform clay into beautiful art. Oh, you can even purchase any of the displayed items.

You can easily enter the art garden by car or motorbike, there are partially paved roads and some dirt trails. We don’t recommend visiting it without any vehicle, as the park is just too big. Also, bring enough water and apply sunscreen, you’re constantly exposed to the sun. You may also want to bring some snacks, as no eateries or kiosks are around. When we were there, we saw a kiosk and restaurant, but both were under renovation. Once you had your fill with art and sculptures, visit the bonsai garden with hundreds of beautiful bonsais in various shapes and sizes.

We can definitely recommend the park if you’re into ancient Asian art and love taking photographs. Don’t be in a rush as the area requires some time to be properly examined.

A taste of what you can expect here (double-click the first pic to have a gallery view):

The entrance to Terracotta Art - Lamphun

The entrance to Terracotta Art – Lamphun

The Antiques gate

The Antique gate

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

Pic 7

Pic 6

Pic 8

Pic 9

Pic 10


pic 11

pic 12

pic 13

Pic 14

Pic 15

Pic 16

pic 18

Pic 17

Getting there from Chiang Mai: take the Chiang Mai – Lamphun Road and just follow it until you reach the Haripunchai National Museum in Lamphun. Turn into road no. 1015 right behind the museum and follow it until you reach the next traffic light where you turn right onto road no. 1030 (it’s the last option to turn right before you cross a bridge). The huge entrance can be seen after a few hundred metres on the right. Entry is free.

Here’s a map from the museum to the art garden.

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