If you’re in Chiang Mai and looking for an alternative to rice dishes, head over to Jayhae Homemade Noodles. This family-run restaurant is located in walking distance to Chiang Mai Gate and specializes in homemade noodles and dishes from the Sukhothai region.

It’s easy to choose from the menu as it’s not only written in English, but the large pictures make it really easy to decide. Most dishes are of the soup and meat variety plus you can choose between four types of noodles. One of Jayhae’s most popular dishes can be also found on several markets around Chiang Mai: ‘Khao Klook Kapi’– rice with shrimp paste, omelette, sweet pork, shredded green mango, shallot, long beans and fresh chilli.

Khao Klook Kapi

The must-try highlights at Jayhae are several juices made from flower petals. Yep, you read right. Flowers. If you ever wondered how sunflower would taste as juice, here is your chance. Personally, the taste is awesome, a bit too sweet, but given that most of the dishes are spicy it’s exactly what you need. For just 35 THB you can even take a small bottle of juice home.

Since we visited Jayhae for the first time about three weeks back, we became regular customers. The service is attentive and quick, but importantly, the food is fresh and delicious. My favourite dish turned out to be Kwie-Tieau Sukhothai (Sukhothai Noodles, 35 THB): the dish comes in a bowl with noodles of your choice (I opt for big rice noodles), tossed in a chilli-lime based sauce, crushed peanuts, crunchy pork skin crackers, string beans and tender pork while Sri chooses Khao Klook Kapi (45 THB) every time.

Sukhothai Noodles

Both dishes are served with small bowls of hot and clear soup. We love to order ‘Kiao Thot’ (crackers made from rice, 30 THB) with sweet/sour sauce along, which look similar to nachos. If you’re up for a dessert, you can choose between ice-cream (how about durian flavour?) or ‘Sebatna’, small tasty sesame balls filled with coconut and brown sugar.


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