As we highlighted already in our previous – Pink Day Dubai – this city is hosts events which are nothing short but spectacular. The Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2011 was the second event we attended, but it was only me who actually took the challenge and run 10K. I first stumbled upon the Dubai Marathon through an online event calendar in October 2010. I immediately set myself the goal to run the 10K! But that also meant to beat the lazy dog out of me and to start training like crazy.


I came up with a training plan that included a huge focus on endurance training and minor focus on weight lifting. In addition I regularly swam. Unfortunately, I lived in one of Dubai’s crappiest areas, Muhaisna, some 25 minutes out of town and had no opportunity to run outside. As I’m a time conscious person, I avoided the idea of driving to some public park so I decided to make use of the gym, treadmill and pool on the premises of our accommodation back then. I trained in total for 12 weeks, about 3-5 times per week.


When the day finally came I was sort of nervous, but I was so keen on finishing the 10K without stopping that my motivation eventually won over my nervousness. I woke up by 04.30 just to do some final warm up in the gym, had a small breakfast and left along with a few other runners from our apartment complex, mainly all colleagues and some supporters.

Although my primary aim was just to finish the run, I also aimed for to finish within 60 minutes. I could feel my adrenalin pumping through my veins when all runners were asked to gather around the starting point – shoes corded up? Check! iPod and head phones working? Check!



The route starts on Umm Suqeim Road and is mainly along Jumeirah Beach Road with a U-Turn after 5 kilometres. The route is quite scenic – although I had not enough time and energy to focus on it – as it runs along some of Dubai’s most famous landmarks such as the Burj al Arab as well Madinat Jumeirah.

And I did it! After 67 minutes (probably the longest hour ever) and WITHOUT any break, I made to the finish line! I picked up my medal, drunk probably two litres water and searched for the next free spot for some stretching and relaxing.

The marathon is always held by the end of January when the weather is chilly, speaking the best time to run outside.


I was exhausted like hell but fucking proud I made it! Oh yes, I had nice muscle pain for the next five days or so but that was something I happily ignored!

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If you want to know more about the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, visit their website

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