Part of our New Year’s resolutions was to actively do more sports. I don’t wanna say we have been lazy (though there were times in the past where we definitely were lazier then a dog bathing in the sun) as we play regularly badminton but we both felt that we needed to go one step further.

One of my personal goals for 2015 is running 10K without calling it a ‘challenge’, speaking not stopping and desperately gasping for breath (sounds familiar?). I run 10K at the Dubai Marathon in January 2011 and made it without taking a break, why shall I not be able to do it now again?

So Sri and I started to practise running by end of December. One of the great things here in Thailand is that you have gym equipment such as butterfly, cross trainer and chest press among others, free available in many parks. Besides, we have a small park next to our apartment which has been obviously designed for runners, as the trail is marked with metre

One round would be 225 metres and I remember, when we moved to this apartment end of May, I was just able to run one round. How poor! Well, I said I wanna run the 5K mid of January, so I better keep on practising and move my damn a*s every single day.


The fair near the finish line educates runners and visitors about neglected groups in Thailand

While I already signed up for the run, Sri was still a bit hesitant but kept on training as well. We were fast managing to have a daily routine for our training and it really looked promising for me to finish the 5K without any difficulties. A few days before the run, I made the final test and run 3K without stopping! I was so damn proud and felt just ridiculously awesome! I unfortunately couldn’t convince Sri at first to sign up, even telling her that the run is a charity event and that walking or a combination of walking/running would be fine as well.

Luckily she changed her mind literally last minute and signed up on the day of the event, just ten minutes before start. The ‘Trio for Justice Run’ is an annual event which takes place at Huay Tung Tao Lake just about 10 kilometres outside of Chiang Mai. It aims to raise awareness and funds for underprivileged persons and groups in Thailand such as migrant workers, transgender people and prisoners. Aside the 5K, we could have opt for the 10K or even a 21K option, but we decided to take things slowly and start with 5K first.

Did We Made it?

The good news – yes! The bad news: although I aimed for not stopping, I was forced to save my energy and walk up a steep hill instead of running. One of the things we did not consider when practising were the different gradient levels (that’s why Dubai was really great, it was just flat!). Overall it took me 40 minutes to finish, while Sri finished after slightly more than an hour. And yep, we both got our medals and were super happy!


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