Siam Park City is a theme park and amusement water park located on the outskirts of Bangkok, with lots of amazing rides for kids of all ages. To crush you dreams right from the beginning, don’t expect a Universal or Six Flags-like international park you visited before – several areas look run-down and being stuck two decades back. But after all it’s for the kids and you can certainly enjoy a full day out here, having lots of fun with your family and on top, you don’t need to think about that the visit breaks the bank as the park provides good value and no overcharged dining options. Let’s dive in:


The Park:

You enter Siam Park City through a colourful castle where you can purchase your ticket right away and get a map with all attractions along. The park is divided into five zones, namely Small World, Fantasy World, Family World, X-Zone and the Water Park. Surprisingly, however, not all rides are based on location, speaking you may find two attractions belonging to the same zone in completely different corners of the park.


Here are some highlights:

Vortex: amazing suspended roller coaster and allegedly one of the world’s largest. Up to 80 km/h > X-Zone.

Giant Drop: thrilling free fall tower. People fall within just a few seconds from a height of 75m. > X-Zone.

Grand Canyon Express: suitable roller coaster for smaller kids. > Family World.

Si-Am Tower: slow rotating observation platform, 109m high. Provides fantastic bird’s eye view of the park and its surrounding. You can even see Bangkok in the distance. > Family World.


We had the pleasure of enjoying an extended opening time (until 22:00) due to the ASEAN Light Festival: dozens of sites were beautifully illuminated in addition to key landmarks from ASEAN countries such as Borobudur and Patuxai were displayed and lightened up.


Note: The ‘Africa Adventure’, a boat ride along an artificial river with dioramas depicting scenes of African wilderness, really misses the mark where in one case a group of indigenous people burns a white man on a stake. Sorry, but not suitable for your kids. At all!


The Water Park:

The huge water park is definitely the busiest zone in the park and consists of several pools and slides whereas “The Wave” is not only the heart of the water park but obviously of the entire Siam Park City: it’s the world’s largest pool with artificial waves and even officially recognized by “Guinness World Records”. With hundreds of umbrellas and sun loungers in addition to palms and the sound of waves, you may easily think you’re somewhere on the beach. Try also the amazing ‘Speed Slide’, a daunting 7-storey high slide which let your adrenalin rush when you stay on top, overlooking the rest of the park and a seemingly tiny, very tiny pool, where you eventually gonna stop. Lockers and changing rooms can be found around, as well several options for dining and drinking.


water slide

Conclusion: if you’re looking for things to do in Bangkok with kids, a trip to Siam Park City would make a great day trip. Although it’s certainly not comparable to Disney or Universal, the park provides lot of fun options for big and small kids while there is enough to see and do for an entire day.


How to get to Siam Park City Bangkok:

The easiest way is by taxi. We tried taking buses and skytrain, but either the bus lines were out of service or the information on several websites were not updated. Ask the taxi driver to take the toll highway, it saves lots of time.


Cost breakdown:

Taxi: ca. 250 THB – from On Nut, Sukhumvit. Price may vary, depending on your location in BKK, it takes about 45 minutes.

Toll highway: 40 THB.

Entrance: 30 USD per adult and 25 USD per child (up to 130 cm), incl. access to all attraction and the water park. Check the website for updates and promotions.

Food and drinks: water bottle – 10 THB. Food and snacks available at many locations, very reasonable prices.

Suitable for disabled: Yes.

Opening hours: daily, 10:00-18:00

Tel.: +66 (0) 02 919 7200 / +66 (0) 02 105 4294

Thanks to Siam Park City for making this trip possible. All views and opinions are our own.



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