Events in Dubai are nothing short but spectacular. We have never seen a city where so many great events happen. The annual marathon, vertical stair case race, Terry Fox Run…. and the Pink Day we attended back in November 2010.

The Pink Day raises awareness for breast cancer and is of course not only celebrated in Dubai, but the municipality turns it into a massive event. Starting in the morning with live music and shows around various venues, Dubai definitely hits the head on the nail: tens of thousands of people gather for the 2,5 hours walk around Deira. You will see mainly expats, many of who get sponsored with custom made Tshirts and caps by their employers. Individual created groups competing in making noise (i.e: raising awareness).

Even many ladies who were breast cancer survivors are openly showcasing with big bold prints on their shirts and jackets “I’m A Survivor” and spreading their motivational spirit. The Pink Day Dubai is an inspiring event and gives anyone who does not understand the potential effects and consequences of breast cancer, awareness and understanding.

Breast Cancer Statistics:

According to World Cancer Research Fund International the following countries are the top 5 with the highest incidence of breast cancer:

1. Belgium

2. Denmark

3. France

4. The Netherlands

5. Bahamas


Everyone is getting ready!


Thousands of people attended the walk – simply amazing!


Let’s go!!


Lots of great live entertainment along the route!


This lovely lady from the Philippines drawed pink ribbons (the breast cancer logo) on peoples’ faces.


Our friends & colleagues Bli Nengah and Bli Made joined us along the route.


Done! Roughly 2.5 hours later. Great experience!

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