6 Awesome Add-ons To Your Chiang Mai Trip

Chiang Mai is a great place to start your adventure in Northern Thailand. It’s easy to reach from Bangkok and several other places around Thailand (plane, bus and trains) plus there is plenty of accommodation that range from budget to luxury. Did you know that Chiang...

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5 Hotel Hacks That Just Won’t Work

We have read it many times – so called seasoned travellers claiming to know every single travel ‘hack’ there is - from the cheapest flight fares to guaranteed hotel upgrades, they know it all. Others then try to figure the ‘golden path’ and spending hours on Google...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Book Directly With A Hotel

While many travel sites suggest you to book through a hotel search engine, you should consider booking directly with a hotel. Though it’s a good point to start researching your hotel and get an idea where to stay, you should quickly get in touch with these hotels to...

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