Anyone planning to visit the best places in Thailand but is short in time can relax as Thailand’s airline network is well connected throughout the country.

Whether you’re based in Chiang Mai and plan on visiting Hat Yai or travel from the beach town of Hua Hin to the mountainous Pai, you can do it easily, safe and affordable.

Although Chiang Mai is located in northern Thailand you can fly from here to almost every spot in Thailand. Many airlines like Air Asia, Thai Smiles, Lion Air, Bangkok Airways, Nok Air and Kan Airlines fly even multiple times a day to the same location while flight times don’t exceed more than 2.5 hours, given that you fly direct somewhere.


We recently took a flight to Mae Hong Son, a charming town near the border of Myanmar. Since we just had weekend and didn’t want to drive necessarily 5-6 hours through a landscape of almost 2000 curves we booked a flight with Kan Airlines (Thais pronounce it ‘Gaan’), one of two carriers flying to Mae Hong Son (the other being Bangkok Airways).

Before I booked the flight, I tried to find reviews of Kan Airlines and found multiple photos from travellers flying in a tiny Cessna Grand Caravan just a few hundred meters above the scenic green countryside of northern Thailand. Totally stoked and picturing myself as wannabe Indiana Jones, I booked the flight to Mae Hong Son.

They just run a promo at only 800 THB per way per person (incl. 15kg luggage) which came as a nice surprise. If you don’t have a credit card, you can easily pay over the counter at any 7-Eleven within a window of three hours after your booking.


As we arrived at the airport, we learned that our flight was delayed for 90 minutes. Not too happy about that, we had a quick lunch and watched planes coming and going.

As I noticed a queue of roughly 50 people I was wondering whether they were all on the flight. Remember, I hoped to be squeezed into a seat along with 8 or 10 other people in the Cessna. I asked the staff at the counter and learned that they were all flying to Mae Hong Son.

Cessna CNX

Bummer. I later came to know that I should have booked the earlier flight. Arrggghhh. Okay, next time.

Anyway, let’s jump in – here’s our experience flying with Kan Airlines:

How long does it take to fly from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son?
Only 30 minutes. Yep. So far our shortest commercial flight.


Is Kan Airlines on time?
Our flight had a 90-minute delay. Now we can’t say it’s common, but hey, how do you manage being delayed if the flight just takes 30 minutes?

How about the service?
The service at Kan Airlines was pretty good. The staff was super friendly, spoke well English and had generally a great business attire. The check-in at Chiang Mai airport was a bit slow so.

Any drinks or snacks on board?
Glad you asked and a big plus here. We got a snack box that contained a bottle of water and a sandwich. Come on, your flight is just half an hour and you get even food on board. Other airlines charge you for that. Extra points!!


How about the seats, leg space, etc.?
The twin-engine plane had four rows split in the middle by a single aisle. Our legs had more than enough space and we felt quite comfy. Again, big plus here. Overall, the plane seemed to be very well maintained well and clean. An inflight magazine as well the usual safety advice manual were both available.


Wohaaa. the Farang has lots of space for his legs!

Would we fly again?
You bet! Can’t wait to fly the Cessna – added to our list of must-things-to-do-in-Thailand.

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