As the famous saying goes: The first impression is the most important (and probably final one for us). We took a flight (RI 902) from Jakarta to Bangkok and were quite disappointed. Well, first things first: We don’t expect much from a low cost carrier in terms of quality seating and menu offer.

I know we get limited service! But do we need to get bad or no service? If I check-in to a 1 or 2 star hotel of an international chain, I know that I won’t get a fruit basket with a bottle of wine upon arrival. But I know that the employees are capable of giving me a wake-up call at 6 am. And a wake-up call should be definitely given to the trainers or pursers in charge of Tigerair’s flight attendants.

Again, I’m emphasising not on exceeding the service or looking for any sort of freebies, upgrades, etc., just a proper job to be done:

1.)    Grooming:

– One of the female flight attendant’s hair covered half of her face. She didn’t put any effort during the 3 hours trip to just simply put it adequately together.

– Another female flight attendant seemed to have not washed her hair in the morning nor did she properly comb it. In addition, she coloured her hair blond-brown a few months back, resulting in having an obvious colour gap to her original black hair.

– Lipsticks on two female fligh attendants: Tiger Airways should implement a grooming rule for lipstick-colour. Sorry, but nobody wants to see a thick pink lipstick while the main colours of the uniform are light brown, black and beige-coloured, it’s just a horrible match.

2.)   Personal chit-chat:

By all means, seriously? First, it’s just a 3 hours flight. It’s not Singapore to Los Angeles. So, if the flight attendants have to catch up on something, they should do it prior to their DUTY or afterwards in the crew hotel. Annoying!

3.) Attention to customer’s requests:

I understand that 3-4 flight attendants have a tough job in serving their guests in a timely manner, but honestly don’t ignore any request: It took 35 minutes to simply remove our trays. Reminders: 4. Plus pushing the service button above us. Worth to mention that only guests who pre-ordered their dishes were served, speaking less hassle for the crew. Oh and does the flight attendant have to give an obvious fake smile?


Yes, that’s my tray – it took 35 minutes until it was finally removed.

In a nutshell, flight attendants are the direct ambassadors of every airline. Sure, the pilot still does the most important and responsible job, but he doesn’t has contact with his flight guests, therefore the service given by his crew is pretty much crucial for the guest’s opinion whether to return or not. Nobody either wants to see an unshaved receptionist at a hotel, talking with his colleague on the next counter about the party last night while you’re about to check-in. Personal conversations, fake smiles, lack of attention and a horrible grooming should definitly not be the standard at any airline!

Would we fly again? Not as long as the routes we want to fly are covered by other low cost carriers, despite the low fares. Do you know the saying “You get what you paid for?” We even didn’t get what we paid for! There was never a moment during the flight where we would have said, “oh, that was nice service, we would love to fly with Tigerair again”.

Was there any positive point? The ground handling / check-in was fast and professional.

Have you had any negative flight experience? Let us know!

Smart travels,



Source cover picture: Wikimedia by Zulfachri Harahap.


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