Som Tam or Green Papaya Salad is Thailand’s number one salad and available throughout the country, from the southern islands to the northern highlands.  Som Tam consists of shredded unripe papaya, dried shrimps, crunchy peanuts, blended with fresh tomatoes, crabs, lime and fish sauce. A firework of flavours!

Som Tam is eaten as side dish, main dish or just in-between snack; it’s extremely low in calories and almost fat-free. You can get it at any time throughout Chiang Mai at most restaurants and markets and costs on average 30-40 THB per portion. We ate this Som Tam at Buak Hard Public Park, located at the southwestern tip of Chiang Mai’s city walls, along with a portion of sticky rice (10 THB) and pork crackers (10 THB). There are also Som Tam versions with green mango (Som Tam Mamuang) and cucumber (Som Tam Mia Noi) available.

You can find Som Tam also across Thailand’s neighbouring countries Laos and Cambodia – enjoy!!

If you can’t watch the clip click here.

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