Have you seen enough temples in Chiang Mai? Don’t know what to do next? Then take your camera for an afternoon and start exploring Chiang Mai’s stunning street art! Here are the best spots:

Streetart Chiang Mai 17

Arak Road

Streetart Chiang Mai 2new

Rachadamnoen Road

Chiang Mai becomes more and more a place where creative people from all over the world meet to exchange ideas and get inspired. Just last April, Chiang Mai was the proud host of the international acclaimed ‘Meeting of Styles’ graffiti festival that welcomed some of the world’s top graffiti artists.

Street Art 21new

Pun Pun Restaurant

Walking along the many alleys and backstreets in Chiang Mai is like walking the aisle of an art museum in Berlin or Hong Kong where collections of stunning murals are exhibited. Most artworks can be found on walls and construction sites in the Old Town while a few others are depicted on walls at parking lots in Nimmanhaemin.

Street Art 23new

Parking Lot at Nimmanhaemin

Streetart Chiang Mai 12new

Parking Lot at Nimmanhaemin

Even the walls along the river side of the U.S. Consulate are decorated with phenomenal illustrations that were created by local schools to showcase the 180-year anniversary of relations between the United States and the Kingdom of Thailand.

Street Art 20new

US Consulate

Street Art 18new

US Consulate

Street Art in Chiang Mai or generally in Thailand is not automatically illegal as many walls are filled with religious signs and symbols of prosperity. Locals, on the contrary, have different opinions: while some welcome street art as a form of creativity, others will tell you that it has no connection to their culture and simply consider it vandalism.

Streetart Chiang Mai 3new

near Wualai Road

One thing for sure: street art is the reflection of an artist’s imagination. It offers a way to connect with people in a different way, to get publicly noticed and to put a lasting stamp in an unexpected place. On top, it makes old plain walls more interesting and attractive.

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