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102 Things To Do in Chiang Mai (1)

Thailand’s second largest city is the exact opposite of its chaotic big brother:

Nestled among lush foothills, Chiang Mai is the perfect place to relax and unwind from the hectic pace in Bangkok. What once was the center of the ancient Lanna kingdom is now a laid-back oasis that draws people with its unparalleled charm.

Visit remarkable temples with gilded stupas, wooden-style monasteries and typical Lanna-style houses where time seems to stand still and feel enchanted by the unique hospitality of the locals here. Take a short ride by motorbike and you’ll find yourself soon in the midst of the serene countryside of Chiang Mai that invites for leisure hikes and walks.

But that’s just one side: Chiang Mai has grown to a modern city around its historical city core, with trendy boutiques, art galleries and superb cafés to ultra-modern shopping malls that leave no wishes unfulfilled. Wander around the many alleys, sample local cuisine and immerse to the wonderful atmosphere of the city.

With its rich history, countless landmarks and more than 300 (!) temples it’s easy to get lost – where should you start, what should you visit and what not? 102 Things To Do in Chiang Mai helps you to know exactly what to see & do and what and where to eat. Visit significant temples, tempt your taste buds at local restaurants and visit bustling markets only locals know about…

We strongly believe that life is measured in moments and, therefore, aim to inspire everyone to immerse into foreign cultures. We love talking to random locals, eat at mom n’ pop shops and learn about historical landmarks.

And that’s exactly why this book is made for you: it offers a diverse mix of the best activities to do, the greatest historical sites to visit and the tastiest food to try. Get inspired to plan your personal adventures and start exploring the magnificent city of Chiang Mai!

At a glance:

- 102 stunning attractions in Chiang Mai for all budgets
- 14 chapters that make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for
- A concise description of every venue/event/activity
- An accompanied photo with each point
- Contact details, opening hours, admission and embedded website links
- Map
- Suggested 48 hours itinerary
- Information you should know before you come
- Useful telephone numbers
- ‘Fun Facts’ that give you an idea of the story or meaning behind a place/event

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