Today, medical facilities are dealing with long-term illnesses and perform general health-improving activities with therapeutic effect. Their aim is to improve the current situation and to prevent serious consequences.

Located mostly in small villages, on river banks or closer to the sea, sanatoriums of Ukraine enhance the healing process with the help of nature and to give their guest needed rest. Surrounding nature and the climate provide a healthy atmosphere which is essential for therapeutic effect. These measures are required in order to relax the body and mind and make it more susceptible to restoring processes.

The Carpathian Mountains is a truly remarkable place; no wonder that the best Ukrainian sanatoriums are located in this region. Only here we can appreciate the benefits of mountain fresh air, mineral water and its influence on our health. Numerous resorts offer recreation programs, treatment and spa procedures. All health facilities have comfortable accommodations and amiable staff.

Carpathian resorts as a rule offer treatment of the following diseases:

  • Cardiovascular system;
  • Endocrine system issues;
  • Gastrointestinal tract;
  • Upper respiratory tract diseases, etc.

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Among the most popular Carpathians health resorts we should mention the following:
Shayan sanatorium “Karpatia” is very popular facility among Ukrainians and famous for mineral water springs. Great location inside the Carpathian Mountains, provides fresh and clear air and fabulous views. The territory is closed and far from busy towns; various entertainment activities are available. This sanatorium specializes mostly in healing the diseases of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, asthma, etc.

Sanatorium “Greenhouse” is located on the outskirts of the small city Vinogradov, close to the Black mountain. Apart from treatment procedures this resort has various entertainment events: sport, sightseeing tours, bars, fairs and concerts – everything for the guests’ comfort. Besides, there is a great opportunity to taste dishes of national Hungarian, Ukrainian, Slovakian cuisine.

Located in the Shayan village “Karpatia”, the sanatorium uses its mineral water, called “Shayanskaya”, in the course of treatment. It can be used in hydrotherapy, showers, baths and also available for drinking. Other common ways of treatments include various diets, physical activity, salt chambers, etc. Visitors are also offered spa procedures which are very relaxing and increase physical energy and boost emotional health.

Treatment in such sanatoriums like “Shakhtar” (Truskavets) and Morshyn resort is also based on mineral water consumption. These places are sources of a unique water, which is very effective when dealing with bile and gastroenteric system. These two regions are best-known health resort spots for healing properties of mineral water in Ukraine and attract many health-conscious foreigners.

No matter what recreation resort you choose, the level of treatment and rest will be of the best quality, and your vacation will be memorable and unique. During this health improving trip, one can get his emotions in order and to reach a balance between the body and mind.

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