Do you love simple restaurants with great food?

Well, we do! Having briefly heard about this restaurant from a few friends, we thought we give it a shot on our way to Maya Mall. Located on the trendy Nimmanhaemin Road and just on the opposite of the popular Salad Concept, the Burmese Restaurant & Library is a typical mom n’ pop style restaurant specialized in authentic Burmese cuisine.

The menu is written in four languages (Burmese, English, Japanese and Mandarin…any idea why Thai is missing..?) and offers mouthwatering dishes like tamarind salad, goat curry and chicken biryani but doesn’t mention the prices (as opposed to other restaurants, we were pleasantly surprised not to pay any ridiculous  amount). Overall, the food comes as a refreshing alternative from usual dishes like Khao Pad Kai (Thai fried rice).


We opted for a tamarind salad, a tea leaf salad and garlic chicken. We were served after 10 minutes of ordering, which is a bit long but still okay, taking a full restaurant into consideration. As in many local restaurants and on the markets, water is available for free and rice needs to be ordered extra.


Tamarind Salad

The salads are incredibly fresh and delicious and at just 30 THB a pop, a reason to come more often. Also the garlic chicken was served fresh and hot, the meat was tender and just delicious. Burmese Restaurant & Library seems to be often frequented by expats and western tourists, however, the atmosphere (and incredible prices) are luckily not of the tourist spot variety.


Tea Leaf Salad

All in all, the Burmese Restaurant & Library is a great place to visit, whether you’re living in or visiting Chiang Mai. The restaurant is easy to find and offers superb food at great value (probably the cheapest meals you can get along Nimmanhaemin Road), but -despite the name- doesn’t has a library.

Tip: go with some friends and sample many different dishes together!

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