Wanna ride a gondola with the backdrop of Venice? Run around ancient Egyptian tombs? Or escaping King Kong? Yes, yes and yes?


Art in Paradise Chiang Mai is likely one of the most extraordinary and exciting museums you might come across; it’s a so called illusion art museum and features more than 130 stunning 3D paintings spread over two stories and is a guaranteed fun experience for everyone, whether you come alone, as couple or with friends/family.


The founder of Art in Paradise is a Korean artist named Jang Kyu Suk who is supported by a team of 15 artists, all based in South Korea. They explain illusion art as follows:

“An illusion is a sensory perception that causes a distorted or altered impression. Since illusion is the opposite of reality, the effect of illusion one experiences is neither true nore false.

The illusion of depth in paintings and installation art are presented on two dimensional surfaces by combining a variety of art elements, special techniques and professional skills. This transforms ordinary artworks into extraordinary three-dimensional environments.”

In short: illusion art requires a mix of imagination and involvement from the viewers.

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The paintings come in various shapes and sizes from small canvas to two storey artworks. Larger pictures feature marks on the ground, indicating the best directions to take photos while smaller sized paintings have instruction boards with samples of photos taken by visitors in order to give you the inspiration how to best interact with it. Most paintings require you to remove your shoes simply to protect it, just make sure to wear slippers/sandals or any other footwear that is easy to slip in and –off.

The museum opened just in July 2013 and has quickly gained a large fan base. It has two further branches in Thailand, one in Pattaya and the other in Bangkok. There are currently two branches outside of Thailand where they’re promoted as ‘Art in Paradise’ with one located in Langkawi, Malaysia and the other one in Manila, the Philippines. Art in Paradise Chiang Mai however self-proclaims to be not only the largest of its kind in the ‘Country of Smiles’ but also in the world.


As Art in Paradise Chiang Mai is quite big, allow yourself 2-2.5 hours to discover it properly and to take plenty of photos. We came by 10:00 which seemed to be a good time as we couldn’t see many  visitors yet (but we noticed that lots of visitors started coming in just by 12:00), speaking we enjoyed the freedom of exploring without possibly feeling rushed when taking pictures.

Art in Paradise Chiang Mai is in convenient walking distance to the Shangri-La Hotel and the electronic mall Pantip Plaza. A coffee shop and restaurant on the ground floor serves drinks and local snacks.

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Opening times:

Art in Paradise Chiang Mai opens daily from 09:00-21:00. The admission is 300 THB per person and 180 THB for Thais, Thai work permit holders and Thai driving license holders (the rate will increase to 200 THB as of July 2015).


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We have been thankfully invited by Art in Paradise in Chiang Mai. Opinions are our own.

Have you visited Art in Paradise? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Travels,

Kian & Sri

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