About Kian & Sri

Who is behind How 2 Travel Smart?

We are Kian & Sri, a German/Indonesian couple who always knew that life is much more than just committing to a job which pays the bills, sitting daily for hours in front of the TV, losing romance and do anything but LIVE!

About How2TravelSmart

How2TravelSmart is an outdoor adventure travel blog covering experiences from thrilling to soft adventures. Whether that’s mud races, desert safaris, driving along dried lava fields, Muay Thai or hiking, you’ll find it all here! Moreover, How2TravelSmart features tales and stories from unique destinations that people want to explore and discover, aiming to encourage our readers to do the same by traveling beyond their guide books.

Our readers are:

Action seekers and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking/trekking, running, mountain biking, surfing, etc. in exotic destinations.

– (Aspiring) expats seeking advice for new destinations, connecting with new people and mixed marriages.

– People passionate about culture and history

Meet Kian & Sri

It all started back in 2009 when we decided to leave our home countries to work in one of the world’s most beautiful countries – the Maldives!


None of us imagined that we would end up meeting each other, getting married and traveling the world together – but hey, that’s why life is so awesome!  After our traditional Balinese wedding, we continued our career in the tourism industry – Dubai, Germany, back to the Maldives & Bali.

But we were craving for more! And so we decided to create How 2 Travel Smart not only as a way to share our adventures and to inspire travelers and expats, but also to inspire and help everyone to live a passionate life – remember you just have one shot!

About Sri:


Originally from Bali, I spent the first 10 years growing up in the rural countryside of the Island of Gods. My parents then sent me to the island’s capital, Denpasar, where I attended high school. I was always inspired by all the people who came from totally different corners of the world to visit Bali and decided to pursue a career in tourism. Although I always loved Bali, I knew that the world has more to offer, so I decided to take on a job offer in the Maldives. I love yoga, spas, Bratwurst, motorbikes, beaches and cooking delicious Indonesian dishes!

About Kian:


I was born in Germany and acquired a passion for traveling at a very young age. My parents brought me on long (veeery long) car and train journeys to Spain, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, among others. When I was about to finish high school I felt that I wouldn’t fit into a regular office environment and begun working as a hotel apprentice. I saved almost all my money from the first six months of working and bought a ticket to Hong Kong, my first trip out of Europe. I’m an outdoor enthusiast and love trekking, running, mountains, beaches, mud races adventure sports, writing, food and classic cars.

Our projects

102 Things to Do in Chiang Mai

102 Things to Do in Chiang Mai is a travel guide showcasing a summary of the best attractions of Thailand’s second largest city, with the most relevant advice on what to see & do, where and what to eat and a number of hidden treasures.

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