Can’t find a place on Airbnb? Don’t know where to stay during Christmas? Here are 6 other cool & hip home-sharing alternatives to Airbnb:

1. Wimdu


Wimdu is a platform that offers various types of accommodations around the world and currently lists more than 300.000 properties in over 100 countries. Whether you’re looking for a condo in Berlin, a pool villa in Phuket or a loft in Buenos Aires, you can find it here. PayPal and all major credit cards accepted.

2. Behomm


Behomm – pronounced ‘be home’ – is a very special home exchange site that is only open to artists and designers. You even have to apply to receive an invitation. Yearly plans start at US$ 95 but you can opt for one free trial within a period of one year.

3. Kid & Coe


Kid & Coe aims to make family travel simpler and comfortable. Listings not only include family-friendly apartments & houses but are also located in close distance to playgrounds and relevant attractions. Whether it’s Bali, Barbados or Barcelona, Kid Coe offers fantastic properties around the world for families.

4. Nestpick


Granted, Nestpick’s interface looks pretty similar to Airbnb, but that doesn’t pretty much matter if you’re looking for a place to stay, or? Nestpick offers 20.000 listings (or ‘nests’) in more than 30 cities in (Europe and Australia) and specializes in mid –and long term rentals. Search for a place, make a booking request and put a deposit down, get a confirmation within 48 hours.

5. Panda Bed

Panda Bed-crop

Looking for a stay in Asia? Panda Bed is the place you should be looking at! With more than 10.000 listings all across Asia, you will definitely find the right place. Panda Bed’s algorithm works like a match finder, speaking you will find hosts that have most likely the same preferences as you do.

6. Luxury Rentals from HomeAway


Looking for luxury villas or estates? Luxury Rentals from HomeAway offers exactly what you’re looking for. We’re talking villas with multiple rooms, pools, cinemas and wine cellars. Of course, personal staff, like chefs and housekeepers, is in many cases in the rate included.

Smart Travels,

Kian & Sri

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