I started exercising because of one reason – I was disappointed trying desperately to finish one lap of 225m at the adjacent park to our apartment. It was hell. Back in 2011 I run 10K at the Dubai Marathon and now that? Seriously? That was September 2014. Now I’m running daily a ‘just-for-fun’ run of 2K. Through developing a daily exercise routine I learned five very important points which I want to share with you:

1. It helps me to disconnect

As writer, blogger, digital nomad, business executive –whatever your role may be- we’re always surrounded by electronic influences: notebooks, tablets, smartphones, social media, etc. Many of us spend easily 8-10 hours a day in front of a screen. This drains our energy. Exercise, especially outdoors, is a great way to recharge your own batteries. I love to exercise outdoors, especially in Chiang Mai due to the great weather here. I have a small park in close proximity to our apartment where I run daily. In addition, Sri and I spend 1-2 days a month hiking around Huay Tung Tao Lake.


2. Mental strength

Trust me, I got quickly nervous. I was that type of person who wanted everything immediately and preferable already yesterday. Patience was a word I knew only from the dictionary. I blamed anything and anyone around me. I got a million times distracted yet never got shit really done. Plus I had an above average caffeine consumption (which was definitely an additional point). Daily exercise helped me to reduce my caffeine consumption but most of all it helped me to focus, to breathe properly and to stay concentrated and focus on important things. It has taught me to be patient with the process of any project as results are only visible because of constant workflow. I started to take accountability for my own goals and decisions.


3. I stay focused on my personal goals

While you create a daily routine for exercise you create automatically one of life’s most simple yet most powerful habits: discipline. With discipline you will be goal driven. When you’re goal driven you more likely achieve success. And with more success you get more freedom, more money (fill in the blank space). I rest about 20-30 minutes after each session, take a shower and have a quick snack (yogurt + banana). The result? I feel light and fresh and ready to take on new tasks or continue where stopped.


4. I’m more competitive

Daily exercise helps me performing faster and better. I’m more decisive and concentrated, speaking I can catch up faster with work and I noticed an increased flow of ideas and inspiration while exercising. This advantage helps me in recognizing trends, potential errors and business opportunities. Furthermore, I love attending organized races. Without daily exercise my productivity will go down.


5. My physical condition improves

Let’s don’t miss one of the most important effects daily exercise brings along: the importance of a well-maintained physical condition. Whether you struggle with overweight or you’re simply not “in the right shape”: with constant effort – 5-6 times a week- you will be rewarded with obvious results within a matter of weeks. I decreased some ugly rings around my hips which were the result of putting work as my life’s top priority combined with unhealthy food choices.


The million-dollar-question: what’s the best way to start? To be honest and I know many of you won’t like it – just move you’re a*s! This is how I made it. I started exercising end of December 2014 and quickly developed a routine. I started by working out 2-3 times a week, then 5-6 times, then daily. Put away 30-45 minutes every day. Yes, you CAN! Wake up earlier! Don’t watch your favourite TV series! Stop looking for excuses! I cut off all booze, reduced carbohydrate high food and I eat lots of chicken and veggies but treat myself with occasional ice cream or similar.

Rock on!




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