1. Almost all street-food sellers are originally from Java.


 2. Most of Balinese who don’t live/work in a tourism area such as Kuta or Seminyak speak barely English.


 3. Balinese have a caste system which is divided into 5 levels plus the “normal’ people.


 4. Balinese highly respect their elders.


 5. They care pretty much about the well-being of all family members.


 6. You have to always excuse the ones around you if you want to eat.


 7. Balinese don’t like things which look old and used, as this would affect negatively the opinion of their friends & family.


 8. In fact, cars older than 10 years are very rare.


 9. Most of the Balinese are on Facebook and have a tremendous amount of friends and…


 10.  …are very tech savvy. A Smartphone is a must.


 11. Punctuality is still an unknown word.

JamkaretJam Karet means ‘rubber time’, aka poor time management

 12. Parents love to teach their 10 year old kids how to drive motorbikes.


 13. Tattoos are very popular among the male population.


 14. It’s not very common to see ladies smoking,


 15. however lots of men smoke.


 16. Bali enjoys their unique cultural status within Indonesia.


 17. Actually every single Balinese has some artistic talent.


 18. Balinese have a strong belief in good and evil spirits.


 19. Regardless what religion a Balinese belongs to, it is the centre of life.


 20. You have to remove your shoes once invited into a house.


 21. Do not point with your feet by purpose to somebody, in fact, always keep them on the ground.


 22. Birthday celebrations are actually worships and not comparable with parties ( games, music, etc. ) in the west.


 23. Many men can drink a good amount of booze.


 24. Balinese are good sellers,


 25. but once the sell has been done, there is usually no service after (I am not talking about any 4*/5* hotel).


26. If you order Ketchup, make sure you get the tomato based sauce and not sweet soya sauce ( which is called “Kecap” and pronounced as “Ketchup” ).


 27. Motorbike drivers think they are right before car drivers and/or pedestrians.


 28. It is not so important what happens tomorrow, as long as it is ‘ok’.


29.  They love dogs.


 30. Electrical blackouts around Denpasar and its suburbs happening quiet often.


 31. Many school classes are over filled.


 32. Mid-aged ladies love to gossip.


 33. The word quality defines new and/or in good shape and not how long it can last.


 34. Hot water supply is not very common across local areas.


 35. Balinese food is one of the most delicious and freshest in the world.


 36. If you ask for a Café outside of any tourism area, you will be directed to a night club.


 37. You can also get fuel from many warungs ( kiosks ), usually filled in 1 litre vodka bottles for about 500Rp (5 cents) more per litre than at a gas station.


38. On Silent Day  (‘Nyepi’ ) all locals and tourists are strictly forbidden to leave their house / hotel and reduce electricity to a minimum, even the airport will be shut down for 24 hours.


39. Balinese have at least two SIM cards from different providers since charges are much higher by calling from provider a to b.


 40. Balinese names identify if the person is the first, second or third born, male or female and what caste level they are in: e.g. Ni Made Rai = Ni (female) and Made (2nd born) and ‘Rai’ shows the given name.

This is based entirely on my personal observations during the time I lived in Bali. Some of these points might also match with other regions in Indonesia, however, since I did not spend a significant amount of time in other places, I am not able to create my own picture. Places I lived in: Gatsu Barat (Denpasar), Abinbase (Dalung), Blimbingsari (Negara).

Are you living in Bali or have you spent a couple of months / years there ?  Let me know your opinion in the comment section below, terima kasih :-)


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