Six long weeks after the Warrior Trail (we will soon write about this), we finally did it again: another run! Having developed a sort of addiction for running, we really started benefitting from it; we not only feel fresher and lighter due to the energy boost we get from running, we also feel more motivated (and eventually don’t feel bad anymore if we’re getting seduced by sweet treats).

Like the ‘Trio for Justice Run’ and ‘Warrior Trail’, Run for Relief took place at the beautiful Huay Tung Tao Lake, just 10km outside of Chiang Mai. The lake is set against the backdrop of Doi Suthep with a paved road around the lake and countless dirt trails in its surrounding, perfect for running, hiking & mountain biking.


The run was organized by ‘Christians concerned for Burma’ in support of Burmese villagers who have to flee with nothing more than a pair of sandals. There was even a ‘flip-flop’ category and quite a number of people signed up for it.

We arrived by 07:30, signed up, got our t-shirts and walked around to learn more about the run and the organization; there was a small fair with information about their work, handicraft items made by Burmese people were sold and some food/beverage booths were set up. We spoke to Dave, the organizer, who really took the time to explain about the mission and goals and introduced us to his lovely family.


We learned that it was already the 6th time that the ‘Run for Relief’ was held in Chiang Mai and that about 300+ runners (many from Burma) signed up. Amazing! Just before the run, Dave explained the crowd about some of the recent successes and fall-backs in Burma; we then had a short but powerful prayer together and waited for the countdown at the start line.


As we did several runs and hikes at Huay Tung Tao over the past few weeks, we already were familiar with the terrain and the course itself. It took me 38 minutes to finish (well, not bad for my point of view) the 5.5K, while Sri took a few minutes longer. While we waited for the award ceremony, we met another lovely couple from the US, who has been living in Thailand for 51 years already. And yes, you guessed right, they also run the race (gosh, I’m aiming to have this energy at that age) and with 82 years, they were the oldest runners (but some of the fittest) on that day. Inspirational!



Overall, we had a great morning, it was well organized and we met a lot of great people. The run is annually held in February / March – so if you happen to be in Chiang Mai around that time, sign up and come around – would you run in your slippers?

Smart Travels,


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