1. In China pointing chopsticks at someone is considered rude


2. In Indonesia it is offensive to use your toes to point at something or someone


3. Monks do not eat after noon, so avoid eating around them


4. In Japan never leave your chopsticks vertically in your food as this means cursing the restaurant owner


5. In Asia elders are highly respected


6. In Korea and China the number 4 is considered unlucky (because it sounds similar to the word “death”), but 7 considered a lucky number (“blessed” or “long life”)

Lucky nbr 7

7. Another rule-of-thumb in Asia is to always use the right or both hands when passing something, never the left hand


8. In Thailand any form of disrespecting the king will be charged with a penalty of up to 15 years in jail – including crumpling money.


9. In Asia never touch a person on the head, as it is the highest and most spiritual part of the body


10. In Japan or when meeting a Japanese client always receive or give a business card with both hands


11. In general, remove your shoes when entering a house in Asia


12. If you touch a Buddha statue, do it with respect


13. In Vietnam hold your rice bowl in your hand as it is considered lazy to eat from a bowl on the table


14. In Laos do not kiss in public, holding hands is the most intimate level of romance in public


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