Are you looking for a challenge in 2016? Or ideas for your bucket list? These 101 Amazing Ideas for 2016 are easy to follow and don’t break the bank. From inspirational activities over sports to travelling, we got it all covered:

1. Learn a new language

Learning a new language has never been easier with so many free apps and tools available. Try Duolingo, Babbel or Memrise.

2. Travel to a new country

You don’t have to travel far for that, start with your neighboring countries. Low-cost airlines like AirAsia or EasyJet as well affordable ground transports like buses make it very easy.

3. Take up a new sport

Always wanted to do kickboxing? Or Crossfit? Whatever it is, google the location, visit the place and sign up. Make people (wife, husband, etc) clear that this is about you or ask them to join as well.

4. Start running

Go to the nearest park or gym and just start. Seriously, there is nothing to learn, you just have to start. It’s that easy.

5. Climb a mountain


You don’t have to travel to far-away places for that. Check on the nearest mountain range and start.

6. Do an extreme sport like bungee jumping or skydiving

Love the extreme? Wanna go out of your comfort zone? Let’s do it! Bungee jumping companies can be found around major cities and urban tourist destinations. If you want to seriously brag around, jump from the Macau Tower, currently the world’s highest bungee jumping pod.

7. Lose weight

Exercise more (go for running, it helped me loosing a lot of weight), eat organic, reduce the amount of food, eat boiled meals, nothing fried or junk meals, drink a lot of water and fresh juices (no sweet drinks). You can do it!!

8. Start your own business, even if it’s just a side gig

You don’t need a ton of money, know the right people or quit your job. Do a side job, build a website and offer a service or find online work on Elance, Upwork or Fiverr.

9. Go on a meditation retreat

An interesting and inspirational form of retreat. Spoiler: no electronic gadgets, talking and writing allowed while you stay there. Vipassana offers retreats worldwide.

10. Write and publish a book


We are blessed to live in the digital age. We don’t need to write manuscripts, set appointments with publishing houses, etc. Write your book or information guide and get it published as e-book on Amazon (Kindle), Kobo, etc.

11. Visit a volcano

Off-the-beaten experience! There are many (active) volcanoes around the world that you can actually safely visit, like Mount Batur in Bali or Mount Etna in Italy.

12. Launch your own website

Whether it’s a journal for your travels or a site that showcases the history of your family, building a website is easy and cheap, you don’t need to hire a designer for that. There a several drag n’ drop website-builders available, however, we recommend WordPress (it’s simple, easy and extremely versatile) with a hosting from for example (from just 13.80 $ per year incl. WordPress hosting, cheaper than most others).

13. Fly in a helicopter

Flying in a helicopter should be on everyone’s bucket list. Whether New York or Hong Kong, it’s definitely an experience you won’t forget!

14. Surprise someone that you love

Surprise your parents or grandparents with an unexpected visit or your invite your best buddy to a weekend trip. They will cherish and most likely return that surprise.

15. Help someone in need

Help homeless people in your city, help somebody to learn English (or any other language) or just open the door to someone who just left Target or Tesco with dozens of bags. You see, you can easily start small, before thinking about joining some expensive overseas program.

16. Learn sign language

A great skill to acquire and to communicate with deaf people around the world. A truly universal language.

17. Go on a roadtrip


Whether that is from Hamburg to Munich, L.A. to New York or Bangkok to Singapore, roadtrips are among the most memorable (and fun) travel experiences.

18. Go skiing

Never been? Then it’s time to do so!

19. Take up a diving course

Dreaming of colorful corals, a mesmerizing marine life or discovering mysterious shipwrecks? Take a PADI Open Water Course (250-300 $, 3 days) and start discovering a whole different world.

20. Be a mentor to someone (without charge)

What are you proficient in? Figure out if a newbie needs help in an area you know best and help him/her to get started.

21. Learn how to dance

Salsa, Tango or HipHop, it’s time to get that hips moving!! Find the nearest dance school and sign up for the class.

22. Acquire a new skill

Acquire a new skill and become known for it. Interested in writing? Set up a blog and/or publish an ebook. Maybe yoga? Find the next gym.

23. Fly in a hot-air balloon


Unforgettable experience when you take off in the early morning hours, see the sunrise and watch the world from a bird’s eye view.

24. Do volunteer work

Make a difference in people’s life by helping out at a school, animal shelter or giving food to homeless, but start in front of your door before thinking of doing some programs abroad. Generally, don’t pay for ”volunteer programs”, it’s nonsense.

25. Change your style

Change your hairstyle (or colour) you had for the past ten years and create yourself new.

26. Further your education

Sign up for an evening class, or, if time doesn’t allow you and you prefer learning at your own pace, sign up for courses on Udemy, Coursera or Skillshare.

27. Learn how to play an instrument

Again, there are nowadays various methods of learning an instrument; you can do so by signing up for a class, watching Youtube videos, downloading a software or apps, like the ”Music Tutor App”.

28. Stay at a luxury hotel


How about getting really pampered with exclusive service, heavenly spa treatments and mouthwatering dishes? You don’t need to stay 12-14 days, book a room for the weekend and start enjoying your life! Tipp: Book through Agoda, some of the best-discounted rates we know (cause we use them all the time).

29. Go backpacking

Although the exact opposite of the above-mentioned point, backpacking opens new perspectives, unique experiences and you’ll meet a bunch of cool people along the way.

30. Experience a new culture

Have you ever been outside your continent? Neighboring countries often have similar cultures, why don’t you travel to Asia or Latin America for example? Try unique food, visit interesting places and learn the history of a culture you didn’t know before.

31. Spend one weekend per month without mobile phone and internet access

Needless to say that everybody should follow this ritual. It’s not only about disconnecting, it’s about rejuvenating, creating new ideas and relaxing our minds.

32. Visit a Star Wars film location that actually exist

Did you know that most Star Wars locations actually exist and are only partially CGI animated?

33. Connect to friends from the past


Browse through Facebook or LinkedIn for friends from the past and re-connect with them. See whether they’re living close to you and meet them over a few beers next weekend.

34. Go hiking

Take some closed shoes, a small backpack, water and your camera with you. Start by exploring the nearest forest or mountain.

35. Attend a concert

When was the last time you attended a concert? Get a ticket of your favourite artist, or, if not on tour this year or the next months, just attend a music festival like Rock am Ring.

36. Drive your dream car

Many specialty travel agents offer tours with classic cars, sports cars and SUVs. Some even provide spins around racing tracks.

37. Learn a martial art

Taekwon-Do, Muay Thai and Shaolin schools can be found around the world. Larger gyms offer courses as well. Aside the benefit of being able to defend yourself, martial arts an mostly work like full body workouts, speaking you lose weight while strengthening your muscles.

38. Visit every continent

Visiting every continent needs certainly a bit of preparation and time to execute (unless you don’t want to spend more than 1-2 nights on each), but is surely reachable and affordable.

39. Attend the Olympic Games 2016

Host of the Olympic Games 2016 is Brazil from 05.08.-21.08. , enough time to book a ticket and hotel.

40. Go stargazing


Stargazing is for everyone. Look up and get soaked into the wonderful night sky. If possible, visit a national park, or any place that’s dark (as the visibility is way better). Check for an astronomy club in your area.

41. Watch the Northern Lights

Also known as Aurora Borealis, is this magnificent event where gaseous particles collide with the atmosphere.

42. Learn how to ride a motorcycle…

…and then plan your first road trip!!

43. Build a treehouse

Your kids will love you for that! And if you shouldn’t have kids, a treehouse makes always up a small romantic getaway.

44. Attend an F1 Grand Prix

Attend a F1 Grand Prix and get pulled by the amazing atmosphere of loud engines, the small of gas and tires and a super amazed crowd!

45. Learn a spa treatment

The Room 2

Learning a massage is more difficult than you think, as it requires a certain knowledge of the human anatomy. Nevertheless, by learning how to massage you can help others relieving their muscle pain.

46. Write a handwritten letter to your love one

A handwritten letter to your loved one is still (and always will be) a powerful way of expressing your feelings.

47. Throw an epic party for at least 250 guest

Come on, you just live once! Get some friends together and then start planning an epic party with loud music, dancers, fireworks, you get the picture!

48. Leave an exceptionally high tip when a server or bartender really impresses you.

Do you remember the movie ”It could happen to you” starring Nicholas Cage, where he offers half of the lottery ticket (2 million dollars)? Why not doing something similar on a smaller scale, yet enough to leave a lasting impression?

49. Run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain

Run with the bulls happens every year from 06-14 July where a crowd of people runs in front of a group of six bulls on the narrow streets of the town.

50. Attend Songkran, the world’s largest water battle (aka Thai New Year)


The Thai New Year happens everywhere from 13th-15th April and is just spectacular! Visit Chiang Mai, as the celebrations are the biggest there.

51. Resign from your job a take up a profession you like

Granted, granted. Not that easy and require careful planning. But if you don’t start, you will always remain unhappy! Ask yourself, if you really want that!

52. Party in Vegas

Do we need to say more?

53. Study abroad

Study abroad, get to know a new culture and learn and new language. You don’t need to be enrolled to a university, you can travel by yourself; take some time to write the things down you’re curious about, plan and budget, buy a ticket – bam, that’s it!

54. Go camping

Get a tent, an air mattress and some canned food (unless you know how to benefit from mother nature). Look for a place, set up your tent and soak into nature. Perfect opportunity to do some stargazing as well.

55. Go on a tandem ride with your loved one and have a picnic together

Many bicycle rentals have one or two tandems, give them a call before. Pack some light snacks, fruits, juices and/or champagne (any type of sparkling wine will do), a blanket and some cutlery – voila!

56. Stay at a unique hotel / house

How about the Burj Al Arab in Dubai or the icehotel in Sweden? There are plenty of interesting and unique accommodations around the world, especially on Airbnb. Sign up here and get 25 $ discount on your first stay.

57. Visit a theme park

Six Flags, Universal, Disney to name a few. Get crazy and release the inner child (just not too much, they may kick you out).

58. Drive a sports car

Whether Lamborghini, Ferrari or F1, it’s all possible. Not the cheapest adventure but definitely worth it.

59. Drive a tank


If you consider Lamborghinis too boring, drive a tank and go nuts!

60. Learn how to cook and become known for a signature dish

You can almost get any recipe you want on the internet, choose a special one and master it. Invite and surprise your family and friends with your newly acquired skills. P.S.: visit a local cooking school when you travel to a foreign country.

61. Visit one of the world’s top restaurants and spend a lot of money there

You probably have to book a table a few weeks, maybe even months, before. Pamper yourself and brag on Instagram about it.

62. Solve a Rubik’s cube (without watching Youtube)…

…and without losing your patience (yes, that’s hard).

63. Be homeless for a day

See what homeless people really going through and how you can support them.

64. Learn a cool magic trick and demonstrate it in front of an audience

So Mr. Houdini junior, Youtube is full of talented magicians who are revealing anything from card tricks to vanishing stuff, take a look, learn and then demonstrate it in front of an audience – how about immediately on the street, next to a mall?

65. Throw tomatoes during La Tomatina in Spain

Come on, don’t tell us you never wanted to be involved in a food battle…?

66. Go island-hopping in the Caribbean, Indonesia, Maldives, French Polynesia, etc.

pexels-photo-large (1)

Jump on a boat and explore some of the world’s finest island destinations. Better, try to hitchhike a fishing boat and connect with locals.

67. Go hang-gliding

It’s easy to do (along with a certified pilot), doesn’t break the bank and is definitely a fantastic experience. Operators can be found around higher mountain ranges, especially close to coasts.

68. Learn about your family history

No, you don’t need to trace all your roots back to Adam and Eve, but how about the past 100-150 years. See where your great-great-great grandparents are from, how they lived, what they worked, etc.

69. Master one terrifying fear and inspire others to do the same

What is the one thing that terrifies you most?Don’t run away anymore – you gotta face and beat it! If you don’t know how, don’t try to search online for hours, better to look for meetups, groups, etc. in your area or talk to your spouse, best buddy, etc. The best thing is that you talk to someone face-to-face, someone who listens and cares.

70. Talk to random strangers on the street

That’s a great method to become a bit more extroverted. Don’t just ask for the time, try building a conversation or, at least, a small chat around something. You will see how easy that’s going to be, once you have done it a few times.

71. Visit a conference and network

Now it’s the perfect time to check on any conferences happening around your area this year. Whether it’s a TEDx, travel, writing, (insert here) -conference, it’s the perfect time to learn something new and connect build new relationships.

72. Create your very own cocktail and become known for it

Creativity knows no bounds – just get crazy and mix juices, syrups and liquors the way you like and present your final creation to your families, friends, colleagues, etc.

73. Learn about wines


Okay, that’s a very broad topic, we know. Are there any wines produced in your region or country? Great, learn about them! Knowing a little bit about wines is also a great ice-breaker when dining with colleagues or business partners.

74. Learn CPR

You may soon or later need it. If you attend a course in the past, do a refresher.

75. Eat something weird

How about fried insects during your next trip to Thailand? Don’t forget to take a photo or video!

76. Go whale-watching

Watching whales are among those ‘hard-to-forget’ experiences. Some of the world’s top places for watching whales are Western Cape in South Africa, the Maldives and Alaska.

77. Quit something you think you can’t quit

Do you have any bad habits? Smoking? Biting nails? Eating sweets at night? It’s time to quit now!

78. Take up a challenge with your best buddy

Whether that’s running a marathon, earning a specific amount of money or doing something extraordinary, it’s always fun to take up a challenge with your best friend plus you remain motivated. Think about a painful task for the looser, like singing a specific song in public.

79. Write your very own bucket list!


Always wanted to visit a special place or do that one particular thing? Sit down and create your own bucket list and put a realistic deadline for each point in place.

80. Join / create a mastermind group

If you want to start a business or reach a specific target, it’s best to have a group of like-minded people around you that motivate each other. It’s important to find people that are 100% committed and reliable to the same goal(s).

81. Visit the DMZ on the border of South and North Korea

Truly off-the-beaten and shouldn’t be missing on any bucket list!

82. Do a 3-day fast

Great way to cleanse your body. Focus either on specific meals  (e.g. raw food), or just drink freshly squeezed juices, or don’t eat anything after 12:00 noon.

83. Attend a mud race

We are talking  military-style obstacle courses like Tough Mudder or Spartan Race. Check their websites for dates and events in your area.

84. Go on an African Safari

Witness the jaw-dropping scenery of Africa’s natural and cultural sights and experience the beautiful African wilderness. African safaris are an adventurous way to explore this amazing continent.

85. Wake up earlier & create morning habits

Go earlier to bed, don’t look on any screen 1-2 hours before you sleep. Set your alarm 15-20 minutes earlier every 3-4 days. Do 25-50 push-ups. Don’t switch on any device, Facebook and emails can wait. Step out on the balcony, terrace or just open the window and inhale the fresh morning air for 5 minutes. You will immediately feel better!

86. Go spontaneously to the airport and buy a ticket to somewhere


Just take some hand luggage with you and buy any clothes wherever you will travel. If you want to take it a bit (but really, just a bit) more relaxed, go to some place with the same temperatures and pack accordingly.

87. Negotiate a pay rise

Prepare carefully for that and make some important points your boss can’t deny.

88. Take cross-country trip on a train

Taking a train allows you to see and experience more than taking just a boring flight. Talk to people on the train, share stories and make friends for life!

89. Learn Parkour

Also known as Free-Running, Parkour requires a mix of speed and efficiency to get from one point to another as quick as possible. If you have seen people doing crazy moves, spins and flips while running, this is it!

90. Go on a cruise

Cruise are becoming more and more affordable these days. Check directly with the cruise line for special offers or last minute deals.

91. Attend a Tuk Tuk Race

Probably one of the best races in the universe – drive with a tuk tuk across Sri LankaCambodia or India.

92. Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

The slopes of Cerro Negro near Leon offer the best conditions to do volcano boarding. Usually done with a thin metal board, you first have to hike up the volcano before sliding all the way down.

93. Take your parents on an unforgettable trip


It’s time to treat your mum and dad! Book a cruise or a trip (yes, 5-star hotel is a must) to some incredible destination such as Hong Kong, South Africa or New York.

94. Visit Antarctica

Antarctica is probably the most spectacular continent our beautiful world has to offer. Why visiting in 2016? Before mass tourism hits yet another unspoiled gem.

95. Get a tattoo

Always wanted to have one? Now it’s the right time!

96. Put 100 $ / Euro in an envelope and give it to someone in need you know

This person will not only appreciate that for the rest of his/her life but may return any favour in the future as well (just don’t expect it).

97. Donate blood on regular basis

You may save somebody’s life by donating your blood.

98. Send a message in a bottle

Send a nice written message (a quote, inspiration,…), along with your contact details, date and place.

99. Take a shower under a waterfall

Are you already planning your next hike? Then just jump under the next waterfall without hesitating!! Take a towel and extra shirt with you.

100. Read one book per week

Anything counts, from novels to short reads, just not your TV manual.

101. Celebrate next NYE in a different country


See how other cultures celebrating NYE and party with them!

Have a great year!!!!!

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