Mount Agung Eruption – Is It Safe To Visit Bali Now?

[three_fourth_last]Bali, the world-famous Island Of Gods, is currently experiencing a mass evacuation around Mount Agung (or ‘Gunung Agung’ as it’s called in Bahasa Indonesia), the island’s highest and most sacred volcano. Tens of thousands of people living around...

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Hiking around Khun Tan National Park [with video]

Do you sometimes have this urge have of just escaping to the wilderness for a couple hours, leaving (almost) everything behind? Not far away from Chiang Mai is a beautiful national park that seems to be forgotten by every travel guide – Khun Tan National Park. To be...

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Chiang Mai’s Abandoned Ghost Hotel [with video]

Let’s talk about abandoned buildings in Chiang Mai. Most people know Chiang Mai’s as Thailand’s stronghold for culture and nature. From century old temples over markets and street-art to stunning mountains and forest trails, there are plenty of reasons why you should...

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