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Hey peeps, happy travels to wherever you are in the world! Since we get asked a lot on how to get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by bus, here’s the best way to do so: Starting from somewhere in Bangkok: 1. Go to the nearest BTS Skytrain station and drive

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A Vietnam visa is a very important document that every traveler should think of and prepare before traveling to Vietnam. It is required for almost every traveler to Vietnam except for a few nationalities that get a Vietnam visa exemption. If you’re not among any of the visa exemption groups, you’ll

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Have you seen enough temples in Chiang Mai? Don’t know what to do next? Then take your camera for an afternoon and start exploring Chiang Mai’s stunning street art! Here are the best spots: Chiang Mai becomes more and more a place where creative people from all over the world

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Dreaming of pristine white-sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear water? Amazing sunsets? Then it’s about time you plan a trip to Koh Chang! Koh Chang – which by the way translates to ‘Elephant Island’ – is one of Thailand’s largest islands and located close to Cambodia in the Gulf of

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Have you ever heard of a day where everything – and I mean that literally – shuts down? Even the airport? Enter Nyepi Day Bali! Nyepi or Silent Day is the New Year according to the Balinese Hindu calendar and a day of self-reflection where fasting, silence and meditation are

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Siam Park City is a theme park and amusement water park located on the outskirts of Bangkok, with lots of amazing rides for kids of all ages. To crush you dreams right from the beginning, don’t expect a Universal or Six Flags-like international park you visited before – several areas

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Som Tam or Green Papaya Salad is Thailand’s number one salad and available throughout the country, from the southern islands to the northern highlands.  Som Tam consists of shredded unripe papaya, dried shrimps, crunchy peanuts, blended with fresh tomatoes, crabs, lime and fish sauce. A firework of flavours! Som Tam

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Bangkok, also often referred to as ‘Big Mango‘, is a haven for food lovers like us. When we went to the capital this week, it was clear to try as much as possible. While we were quite busy with sightseeing plus a 24 hours trip to Hua Hin, we always

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